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no lights. no signs. i'm at a loss for words.

i think it's time to turn around

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things that i know are facts:

i will never fall in love again.
i am a christian.
i am a female.
my birthday is 3.6.83 (i expect gifts).
i make a living by being in a band.
i struggle.
i am sick.
i do smoke.
i do drink, but i am not a drunk.
i am by no means straightedge.
i love steak, rare.
i love music.
i try to write poetry, but i am not very good.
i have low self esteem.
i have had my heart broken 20 times (as of 07.08.06 @ 9:43am).
i believe i am strong, but i break sometimes.
i try not to cry when i feel like i need to...don't always succeed.
i sing.
i scream.
i play bass.
i have cool hair...yes i do!
you can know how i feel by looking in my eyes.
sometimes my smile is a lie.
top 5 bands (as of 06.07.06 @ 5:30 pm cst):
angels & airwaves
fireworks over london